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Founded in 1999 in the heart of the French Alps, the Telenco group has been conceiving, manufacturing and marketing solutions for the deployment and maintenance of telecom networks for 20 years.

Telenco was quickly subdivided into 3 distinct entities to meet the needs and particularities of the different playersin the telecom market :

salariés du groupe telenco
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conceives and produces qualitative and innovative equipment for fiber optic and copper networks all around the world.

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provides all the equipment required by technicians for the networks deployment and maintenance.

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trains and supports telecom technicians to networks’ measure.They also provide maintenance and fixing of measuring devices.

the solution for the future networks

Telenco first introduces its offer through a network of distributors in Central and South America. Then, the group wanted to reinforce its presence by setting up a commercial office in Mexico City. Today, this office has become a fully-fledged subsidiary of the group: Telenco LATAM.

With Telenco LATAM, Telenco Group's ambition is to provide support and reactivity to its customers in Latin America. We aim to efficiently support the main market players in their projects. If our solutions are mainly focused on the deployment of fiber optic networks, we also provide the equipment required to maintain copper networks.

Latin America and telecoms: at the speed of light

While initially fiber optic networks were reserved for the health sector and other businesses, the demand for network access is booming with an individuals' Internet service penetration rate of over 59% in Mexico in 2015. Mexico plans to deploy a fiber optic network of more than 60,000 km to connect 98% of the population. Today, only 52% of the Mexican population is connected to fiber. It is a large-scale project requiring significant fundraising but that will be essential to local economic growth.

Mexico is not an isolated case. The deployment of fiber optic represents a major economic issue for the whole Latin America and its millions of homes waiting for network access.

Our expertise

Our original expertise focuses on equipment for anchoring, hardware and suspension of aerial wire networks. However, Telenco has been able to adapt to the well-known developments in the rapidly changing telecommunications market. With the coming up of fiber optic, Telenco has developed an offer dedicated to the last connection meters: from the PBO to the subscriber. Our quest for excellence and our ability to innovate have led us to guide the greatest operators in their deployment projects. Based on the know-how and the expertise of the group, Telenco LATAM develops new solutions in line with the issues encountered on South American telecommunication networks

deployment and maintenance solutions

Telenco is historically a specialist in aerial networks. Fast-to-deploy, aerial networks are an ideal solution for the installation of telecommunications networks in fast-growing geographic areas with high economic growth.

TAll of our aerial network solutions are conceived and assembled in Europe in our own production facilities in France and Portugal.

Eline®:a full range of fiber optic boxes

We have developed a range of boxes adapted to the installation of fiber optic in collective or individual housings whether they are recent or older. The intuitive and quick installation of these boxes does not require any training of your technical teams. The duration of the implementations is thus optimized.
Our range of boxes includes three flagship products:

Access terminal box – ATB

Easy to use, it allows the management of bare and sheathed fibers on two independent levels. Suitable for 1 to 4 fibers, it provides increased protection of mechanical splices.

Floor distribution box – FDB

Its innovative docking system connects up to 12 subscribers. Engineered fiber routing integrated into the box enables the quick storage of the fibers with a small bend radius. The implementation is immediate.

Building entry point – BEP :

Ideal for collective housings with more than 12 subscribers or for a use as a multi-operator box, this box allows to connect the external fiber optic cable to the riser’s fiber optic cable. Thanks to its multiple cable entries and a suitable number of cassettes, this box enables a quick insertion of PLC splitters.

Droptic®: indoor and outdoor fiber optic cables

As a specialist in FTTH deployment in buildings and suburban areas, we have conceived and developed a wide range of fiber optic connection cables that perfectly meet the requirements and the diversity of access network topologies.The range of DROPTIC® indoor / outdoor connection cables permits to connect the operator’s network from the access terminal box to the subscriber’s network via the indoor terminal device.

telenco poteau aerien
Telenco®: fastening material for aerial networks

We offer hardware solutions for wooden or concrete poles which enables the installation of anchoring and suspension equipment for copper and fiber optic cables. We also provide you with essential equipment for the maintenance of copper networks. Distribution boxes, splice protections, connection devices, etc. can be found in our catalog to meet your needs as closely as possible.

telenco poteau aerien


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