Telenco provides all the required equipment for the deployment and maintenance of telecom networks. Whether for an overhead or underground network, we offer innovative solutions developed to adapt to most various fibre optic network architectures. Our catalogue covers all the network equipment needs for the roll-out of feeder, distribution or last mile access networks. All our products are rigorously designed and selected to ensure reliable and future-proof networks.


Telenco Group is a long-standing well-reputed specialist of aerial network equipment. We design, manufacture and market solutions for the fixing, anchoring and suspension of fibre optic or copper cables in aerial layouts. Under the Telenco® brand, we provide rugged pole line hardware, as well as anchoring and drop clamps. Our solutions are available in wide ranges so to meet all the installation needs on telecom or utility poles, whether they are wooden, concrete or composite made. Thanks to a long-lasting partnership with Corning Group, Telenco offers fibre optic splice closures for long span fibre optic roll-outs.


From Optical Distribution Points to Optical Telecommunications Outlets, Telenco Group develops turnkey equipments enabling fast and reliable fibre optic customer connections. Scalability is the key strength of Eline® fibre optic boxes developed by Telenco. Whether for FTTH deployments in recent or old houses, SDUs or MDUs, Eline® solutions are designed to adapt to all type of situations. Through Eline® product ranges, Telenco combines design with performance. Discreet, these FO boxes blend perfectly into the environment and offer better performances than the average observed on the market.


Our last mile access offer also includes fibre optic cabling solutions meeting the most concrete challenges of telecom operators and installers. The Droptic® LX030PU, for instance, was specifically developed for the Mexican market: the performances of this drop cable were improved so to offer an optimal solution for FTTH deployments in coastal or windswept areas. In the Droptic® family you will find a wide range of cables with different constructions, for outdoor, indoor or outdor-indoor applications. Our drops are run in overhead layouts, pulled into ducts, laid on facades or along inside walls.


Driven by its extended telecom expertise, Telenco offers a datacenter offer. Our solutions are developed for the deployment and maintenance of inter- and intra-datacenter networks. To ensure a reliable and future-proof optical distribution within business centers and datacenters, Telenco offers factory pre-terminated cabling solutions, as well as modular patching systems. In our datacenter catalogue you will find patching systems for low, medium or high-density networks. All our datacenter solutions are developed to offer high-end performances.

TED Equipement®

Telenco provides not only passive equipment for developing telecommunications networks, but also professional and protective equipment for all technicians working on a deployment or maintenance site. Our catalogue includes specific tools, Safety & PPE, test and measurement solutions, FO decontamination products, equipped and ready-to-use tool cases for effective jobsite interventions,… Our mission is to help field technicians feel comfortable and confident while using our equipment. That is why each TED Equipement® solution meets strict performance and reliability standards.


Telenco first introduced its offer in Central and South America through a network of distributors. Soon after, the Group wanted to strengthen its presence by opening a sales office in Mexico City. Today, this location has become a fully-fledged subsidiary of the Group: Telenco LATAM.

By creating Telenco LATAM, the Group wanted to provide a local support and better responsiveness to its customers in Latin America. The mission of Telenco LATAM is to support Central and South American telecom players in their deployment projects. Although our offer is mainly based on solutions for fibre optic roll-outs, we also provide the necessary equipment for the maintenance of copper networks.

Telecommunications in Latin America : developments at the speed of light

Initially, fibre optic networks were restricted to healthcare sector and some businesses. In 2015, however, the demand for network access registered a boom: the Internet service penetration rate for individuals raised above 59% in Mexico. Ever since, fibre optic roll-outs have multiplied. In 2020, more than 500,000km of fibre optics were deployed throughout.

Yet, much more remains to be done as Mexico has set a goal from deploying very high-speed networks across its territory by 2024. This means extending the access to ultrafast broadband networks to 130,000 towns and upgrading the existing infrastructure for a large data transfer capacity. It is a large-scale project requiring significant fundraising, but essential for the local economic growth.
Mexico is not an isolated case. The deployment of fibre optic represents a major economic issue for the entire Latin America and its millions of homes awaiting for access to ultrafast broadband networks.

Our telecom expertise

At the beginning, Telenco started its activity as a specialist in designing and manufacturing passive equipment for the fixing, anchoring and suspension of aerial wired networks. Over time, Telenco has been able to adapt to all the well-known developments in the rapidly changing telecommunications market. With the coming up of fibre optics, Telenco has developed an offer dedicated to the last mile access networks including connectivity solutions from the Optical Distribution Point to the subscriber’s premises. Thanks to our quest for excellence and our ability to innovate, we have been chosen to support major telecom players in their deployment projects. Driven by the Group’s know-how and technical expertise, Telenco LATAM develops new solutions in line with the challenges observed in the deployment of South American telecommunications networks.

a french success story

Founded in 1999 in the heart of the French Alps, the Telenco Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions for the deployment and maintenance of telecom networks for more than 20 years. The Group relies on two production units (France and Portugal) for ensuring small, mid-size or mass volume orders, as well as on a network of carefully selected and trustful providers.

Telenco Group is able to provide an unique offer on the market: a full catalogue of innovative products and services for supporting fibre optic deployments not only throughout Latin America, but also in more than 70 countries around the world.

salariés du groupe telenco

Telenco Group’s International presence:

Telenco has established its presence on 3 continents. Besides Mexico, Telenco ensures a strong presence in France – its homeland-, and in French overseas territories: West Indies and the Reunion Island. At the European scale, Telenco teams are also based in Portugal, United Kingdom and Germany. In Africa, Telenco addresses its innovative offer to telecom players from Senegal and Ivory Coast.

Thanks to the extended export know-how of our teams, Telenco ships its product solutions to over 70 countries around the world.


Our telecom experts remain at your disposal. Do not hesitate to contact them for more information on our telecom solutions.



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